Not to be confused with Jowee or Joey

JAWEH's theme00:31

JAWEH's theme

JAWEH's evil theme

JAWEH is the world's most evil Fakegee and is NOT a Raposa.


JAWEH's history is Unknown as of today but he is known to be related to CBeebies

Ways of evilEdit

by playing his theme he can turn anybody into a slice of Banya Pie

by saying JAWEH at someone he can turn them into another JAWEH but there is only 1 Real JAWEH

Friends of JAWEHEdit


Untrue MythsEdit

many belive he is a Raposa but he is not, here at JAWEH wiki we try to rid of this myth. some belive that JAWEH is just Jowee set upon the weegee curse, but he is not!

JAWEH minions

JAWEH's minions

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