LEFT TO RIGHT:Miles "Tails" Prower,Mario,Jowee and Heather-nap-nap-nap-er

the Raposa are a good team who try and exterminate JAWEHs,

The RaposaEdit

Jowee:the leader of the Raposa he likes Adventure,Apples,Animaniacs(he has a good taste in cartoons),Awesome Possum,Adventure and Awesome Applemaniacs Adventure

Mari: Mari likes Barney,Bubsy(she has a good taste in games),Bananas,Bonanza Bros,Barney and Barney and Bubsy eat Bonanza Bananas

Miles:Miles likes Cats (he has a good taste in pets),Coco Pops,Chia Pets and Coco Chia Cats

Heather :Heather is obsesed with Dinosaurs

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